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Server Rules

EN: By entering the TS3 these rules are accepted.

§1 Insults: Anyone who does not speak reasonable tone and offends others, whether direct or subtle, must live with the consequences. Furthermore, no offensive nicknames or avatar images may be used.

§2 Disruptive calls: Users who deliberately interfere with calls (for example, by channel hopping) and even after repeated admonitions show no insight, must expect a channel or server kick.

§3 Disputes: Private misunderstandings and disputes are also to be kept private and do not belong to the TS3.

§4 Noise: Obscene noises or noise of the headset are to be omitted! It is also asked to set the microphone so that the breathing is not constantly heard or if you eat alongside and you have nothing to say so please disable your micro.

§5 Pornography and racism: Extreme pornographic or racist statements or content is not allowed! This leads to an immediate ban! This also applies to nicknames and channel names.

§6 TS3 rights: begging for mod or admin rights is not desirable here. Users with appropriate rights were selected by us and have shown exemplary behavior. If we intend to give you such rights, we would come to you. The abuse of server rights will be punished with a withdrawal of these.

§7 Who does not follow the instructions of the server admins or moderators is warned and kicked in an emergency. If this accumulates, a spell is to be expected.

§8 Nickname: See §1 and §5. Furthermore, it is forbidden to use foreign nicknames, which could cause confusion.

§9 Import music: A permanent import of music is not permitted. To prefetch music may be recorded. Please note the copyright regarding broadcasting.

§10 record calls: The recording of conversations on the entire server is basically allowed only in consultation with the users of the channel, as well as with at least one moderator. We protect your privacy. When admins record a conversation, it only serves to gather evidence justifying a permanent ban if it violates the rules. (e.g., pornographic and racist utterances) However, one must always expect recordings.

§11 Advertising: Any kind of active advertising for your own purposes is prohibited, if not previously agreed with an admin. By advertising we mean audio advertising, voice advertisements, links and text messages to the channel or individual users as well as files with advertising content that are uploaded in the channels.

§12 Privacy: Private data, such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords, etc. may not be publicly exchanged. A server admin or channel admin appointed by the team will never look for your password or similar. ask.

The admins reserve the right to change the rules.

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